Young Notice

Amelio Hall "Young Notice" was born March 4, 1990 in Centralia, WA and currently resides in Yakima, WA since 2010. Amelio began rapping with Ismael Arceo “Page Turner” at the age of 12 as a hobby which continued until 2010. He was influenced by Ludacris’ Word of Mouf (2001) and was immediately drawn in by his creativity with similes and metaphors as well as lyrical content and flow.

After moving to Yakima, Amelio began working Page Turner on artist development. Page Turner noted his creative and unique style, insisting he pursue rapping as a career. Taking his underground sound to a commercial sound, Amelio worked for approximately 3 years until confident with his sound.

In October of 2014, Amelio created the brand of Young “No No” Notice. He began to work on his EP “Hardly Noticed” released  October 25, 2016. Page Turner believed Amelio’s sound was strong enough to be featured on his own project, “Page Turner: Long Story EP” respectively. Amelio currently represents Creative Line (ran by Page Turner)

By:  Devan Douwes